Broadloom Carpet

What’s the right carpet flooring?

There can be different options depending on the room and what you are looking to use it for. For broadloom carpet, it is used mainly in the bedrooms and lounge areas, such as a theatre room. There are many different types of carpet that can be used in different areas depending on what you are using the space for.

  • Theatre Room If you are looking to put carpet in a theatre room, you may look at getting a highly plush carpet which is soft to stand/sit on as it provides more comfort.
  • Lounge RoomIn a lounge room that has high traffic, it could be a better choice to choose a low pile, dense carpet as it is more incline to last longer.
  • BedroomEveryone may have a different approach when it comes to the bedrooms, but most of the time going for a comfortable carpet that may not bee too plush can be the go to. This is because just like the lounge room, it is a high traffic area.

Why broadloom carpet?

If you are looking for a seamless and uniformed floor through your bedrooms or living area, broadloom carpet is for you. With various price range options and designs available, our broadloom carpet is like no other.

Broadloom Carpet – the comfortable choice.

Why should you choose carpet for your home?

  1. It helps keep warmth in the room which help on those cold winter nights.
  2. Extremely soft underfoot to provide comfort.
  3. Uniformed visual through the area.
  4. Easy to install.

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