Epoxy Resin

What is Epoxy Flooring and why choose it?

Epoxy flooring can best be described as a type of synthetic resin floor system that is coated on top of a concrete substrate to provide a form of protection from general foot traffic up to vehicles and chemical impacts, while still being visually appealing for years down the track. Epoxy resin is a highly durable product that is suitable for any areas of your home or business. For outdoor purposes, it is suitable for your concrete pathways, driveways, sheds/alfresco areas, pools and more, for inside your home it is also able to be installed in your living area, kitchen, bathrooms and throughout your home.

There are many design options available, which all can all be highly customisable to suit your style best, such as: 

Resin Flake Systems

There are 2 types of flake systems on the market, the first and most popular we find is the hyperflake range, and secondly is the ultra flake ranges. Hyperflake is made up of a mixture of flake sizes to help create a ‘polished concrete’ vision and feel to it, and to help it visualise more like a natural product. Ultra Flake is made up of the same single size flake throughout that same batch, with the sizes ranging from nano, small, medium and large flakes.

Metallic Resin

If you are after an extra ‘wow’ factor to your floor, metallic resin is the solution for you! With a beautiful range of high quality product colour selections to choose from, you can mix and match as many or as little colours as you please. Metallic resin can be tied in with your chosen colour pallet you may have for your living space, or blend it in with a dark and sensory tone to match your indoor rustic bar, the choices are endless!

Solid Colour Epoxy

Garage and shed flooring at your home can sometimes be very dull to look at even if the space is not used that often. Solid colour epoxy is the perfect solution to brighten and clean up your space at an affordable price. With a wide range of colours available, you can find the best solution for you.

This can also be highly suitable with in your commercial kitchen and industrial flooring spaces, get in contact with one of our staff today to discuss the best options for you!

Clear Glaze Epoxy

Clear, mirror effect epoxy is simply breath-taking! It can help set off a modern tone to any house just perfectly. With the options to glaze over a flake system of your choice to provide a smooth finish eliminating the texture of the flake, or to simply expose existing stone within your concrete and create a high-gloss or satin finish, the choice is yours!

For how to clean and maintain your new epoxy floor: follow this link.

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