The Continuous Space of Microtopping

Microtopping is the perfect fit if you are after a continuous and innovative surface to transform any average space into a uniquely one of a kind area.

Whether you’re after a minimal modern environment were microtopping is the main feature, or a classic, rustic or vintage environment where it completes the style, you are spoiled by choice.

Microtopping is highly customisable, with a large range of colour options available and by choosing your own unique shade, you can create glossy, clouded or acid stained effects to make it exactly the way you want it. 

With just three millimetres of thickness, Microtopping allows you to renew existing surfaces on different bases (concrete, self-levelling, ceramic, wood…) without having to remove them. It is easy to clean and maintain, leaving hard scrubbing in the past. Suitable to be installed where underfloor heating is used, it is a hard product to move away from. 

Goodbye to visible joints and interruption lines!

Microtopping is the ideal solution for those who do not like visible joints across their floor or wall surfaces. Suitable to be installed both internally, externally and across multiple surfaces, you are spoiled for choice. Microptoppings popular colour selections can be quite neutral, so adding pops of colour to break up sections within your space can be a unique touch.

Its extraordinary features make it ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms and shower enclosures.