How to spice up your kitchen!

So your looking to renovate your kitchen? 

Well you have come to the right place for inspiration!

But first things first, if you are looking at renovating your kitchen, it’s best to start out with some sort of an idea on what you would like to do, it doesn’t have to be completely thought out, it can simply start out with one idea you know you want, such as: Pearl while cupboards, or a marble bench top. Why start with at least one idea? Well you can’t really go into any sort of renovation without a small idea otherwise you wont know what to look for when visiting the contractors/shops. If you simply just don’t know what to look for, or are stuck on what you want to do, sometimes visiting shops that have display areas like us can help jog up an idea. 

There is no particular way to go about stating the planning process, as each person is different. Some might want to choose the cupboards and bench top colours before you pick the floor, or, you could start with the floor and do the rest simply later. Depending on your unique situation will depend on how you want to organize everything. 

Now to get back to the flooring side of things. Depending on what your budget allows will always depend on what your options are. You have a massive range to choose from when it comes to your floor. Traditionally when people think of a kitchen or bathroom, they immediately think of ceramic tiles, and think you can’t have anything else in there in case of spills, as some think vinyl, hardwood and so on aren’t ‘waterproof’. That’s where most people are wrong, majority of your vinyl options are in fact waterproof or water resistant, hardwood & engineered timber flooring in the other hand are not. This is because timber is of course ‘real wood’ and is susceptible to water, so if a leek occurs the water will get under the floor and begin to rot or make your flooring ‘swell’ which means you may need to replace your floor. But with vinyl flooring, (if the installer has laid the floor properly of course) there shouldn’t be water able to travel through to your sub floor, so you can have it in your kitchen, laundry and even bathroom (not inside shower of course) and you won’t have to worry about water spills. For more information on kitchen flooring follow this link.

There are so many designs that you can put into your kitchen, weather it be vinyl planks, tiles or even sheet vinyl, which can all fit into any type of budget.

I hope this has helped, even if it was in a small way. Below are some of our previous jobs we have completed in a kitchen area and for more photos visit our Facebook or Instagram.

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