Epoxy & Concrete Surfaces

Are decorative concrete or epoxy floors right for your home or business?

Modern techniques for concrete flooring finishes have changed the way people perceive concrete floors. Concrete is incredibly durable and strong just like a highway. In more recent years, there are many products on the market to upgrade the look of your concrete space, such as epoxy coatings.

Epoxy – beautiful and durable modern flooring.

Epoxy resin floors are extremely durable, slip resistant and waterproof. With a wide range of finishes, we can find the epoxy to suit you! To begin with, our epoxy resin flake comes in a wide variety of colour designs allocating to everyone’s specific taste, it is suitable to go anywhere in your home or business with the right prep work involved. Clear, mirror effect epoxy is simply breath-taking, setting off a modern style to your house perfectly. Solid colour epoxy are fantastic for inside your sheds and garages as well as being suitable for commercial and industrial purposes. Or, if you’re looking for that extra wow factor, metallic epoxy is just for you! With a wonderful colour pallet available, and different techniques to achieve your desired look, your floor will be one of a kind every time. 

What are the benefits of epoxy and concrete floors?

  1. Low maintenance.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Flood and fire resistant.
  4. Durable.
  5. Beautiful design options – luxurious, modern and contemporary.
  6. Ideal for high-traffic areas and industrial-style interiors.
  7. Affordable.
  8. Easily refreshed. Concrete flooring can be re-buffed to restore its original texture.
  9. Flexible – pour over an existing floor or in a new build.

Why JML Flooring & Home Solutions?

From luxury vinyl floor planks to vinyl tiles and contemporary concrete floor finishes, our in-vogue range of residential and commercial flooring is certain to provide inspiration, ideas and ultimately the right flooring solution for you.

We stock and install an extensive range of concrete flooring solutions and burnished concrete look finishes for installation over existing floors to suit all residential and commercial zones.

If concrete is your floor of choice give us a call. Our experienced team of flooring specialists can either install a new concrete floor in your home or office or prepare an existing concrete slab in preparation for polishing or installation of a new vinyl or timber floor on top.

Friendly, prompt and professional service is our trademark. We help you choose the best floor coverings to suit your home and lifestyle at a price that’s affordable.

Explore different looks, laying patterns and finishing touches. Visit our showroom in Traralgon, Gippsland for ideas and inspiration on creating your ideal space. Or if it’s more convenient, book an appointment and we’ll come to you with a select range of suitable floor samples to choose from.

Find the flooring solution you’ve been looking for at JML Flooring & Home Solutions.